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Nov 30, 2004

I have a recipe that calls for chicken wings with the tips removed. The only kind I could find at the store had tips on them. Does any one have suggestions on how to remove the tips? I'm an amature cook so I don't know if this is super easy or I've messed up. Any help would be sincerly appreciated!

Thank you!
Heya Ginger!

Welcome and all that stuff.

If you have a reasonable heavy (chef's) knife (doesn't even have to be sharp), it is easy to remove the tips by either giving a solid whack with the blade at the first knuckle (first joint after the tip), or if you are less whack inclined, place the blade on the knukcle and press down. The tips should just pop off.

Normally, I use a light cleaver and and just go chop chop chop, pick up wing with left hand, hold on board, whack first knuckle put tipped wing in bowl, pick up next wing and repeat. You can go really fast this way, but only go fast if you've got knife skills!

Good luck
Hi Ginger, I admire you JoeZ, I do the less scary but slower put the knife on the joint and press down. It's very easy. I would love to do your method, but I would rather keep my ten fingers, thanks! My eye hand co-ordination leaves a bit to be desired.
Note that the wing tips are an excellent source of meat and bones to run up some terrific stock!

Don't discard these, they are probably the most "delicate" part of the bird, and deserve to be used!

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