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Sep 3, 2004
When you eat chinese or other asian food.. do you use your chopsticks?. I do, have been years.. and I'm pretty good at it. Or, are you one of those conventional fork-users? What kind of asian/chinese/japanese/thai food do you like?
Yes. I always use chopstix when eating asian (cept indian and such) ... and quite often at home, too.

I love all asian cusines. Tops for me are Vietnamese, Thai, Chinese, Korean, Indian and Indonesian.
I like to use chopsticks! For some reason when I eat with chopsticks the food seems to taste better. Don't ask me why LOL

I like Chinese food and most Asian foods. I would like to try more Japanese food because I have only really had sushi and sushami.
I use chopsticks. I learned how to use them in the fifth grade. That year we had to do reports on countries. Along with the report you had to bring in a food from that country. The exception was that whoever did China would teach everyone how to use chopsticks. They would make popcorn and that is what we would eat with our sticks. The rule was that once you finished your popcorn you could have more, so I learned real quick :)

As for what type of asian/chinese/japanese/thai food I like, well I haven't found any I don't like. Bring it on, I will eat it!
I've only dabbled with thai... still waiting for GaArt's saté sauce.
middie said:
nope i use a fork. chopsticks and me... bad combo.
chinese for me... and even i'm picky about that
lol! it's really not that hard.. like learning how to ride a bike.. what kind of chinese do you like?
I use a fork but I will try to use the chopsticks when I am home. The problem is that I can't seem to make it to my mouth with the food. :oops: I love Chinese & Japanese food!
I use them, too, but the Japanese style, which are strongly tapered. (I think that's fairly exclusive to Japan and would appreciate the correction if wrong.) And we use them at home very often.

Of interest, perhaps, is that the Japanese are the only culture I know of who use chopsticks exclusively (no spoons, etc.), unlike other Eastern cultures.

As far as food is concerned, there is a huge world far beyond sushi that everyone should explore, given the chance! I can't recall a single Eastern or Indonesian food I didn't enjoy.
i use chopsticks when i eat chinese, japanese, or thai. have been since i was a kid. never had to use the rubber band thingie.

you are proficient with chopsticks if you can eat fried rice with them, without "scooping"...
Audeo said:
I use them, too, but the Japanese style, which are strongly tapered. (I think that's fairly exclusive to Japan and would appreciate the correction if wrong.) And we use them at home very often.

You are correct. The tapered jobs are Japanese. The long cylindrical ones are Chinese. The funny thing is, Japanese have a hard time eating with Chinese chopsticks and Chinese have a hard time eating with Japanese chopsticks.

I use both, but really hate the slippery plastic chopsticks in Chinese restaurants. Ever try to pick up a slipper black mushroom with them? Near impossible. I usually ask for wooden disposable chopsticks. On the other hand, I have no trouble with slippery Japanese style chopsticks.
I don't think the Chinese restaurants around here even offer chopsticks. We always use them at the Japanese restaurant though.

:) Barbara
Absolutely... Chinese food MUST be eaten with chopsticks. It just doesn't taste the same if you use spoons, forks, etc. And, to be a "purist" rice MUST be served in a side bowl and eaten from that bowl and not dumped on your plate with the other food poured over.

I too have a hard time using the Japanese pointed chopsticks... the best kind for me are the Chinese style made of wood (not lacquered wood or plastic, etc.) so a grain of rice can be picked up and not slide off.

"When in Rome, eat roman food as the Romans intended it to be eaten" Jude 2:5

Same concept with Moroccan food, it MUST be eaten with your fingers.. no silverware allowed. Can you imagine eating couscous with a fork? or spoon? :)
Chposticks - the Japanese ones - when I can - unfortunately, arthritis from years of martial arts have done in my thumbs :cry: .

And Japanese food is #1 w/me - love its simplicity and bright tastes!
I'm using my chopsticks right now eating my szechuan beef stir-fry... I also got fried rice and an egg roll.. except for breakfast, I starved all day for this!.. it's yummm, yummmm yummmmmmm! lol
I can play chop sticks! :D :P

Hee hee hee....

Well I always use DA sticks. It DOES taste better to me for some reason too. Go and figure. My favorite food ofcourse is SUSHI!!!

But I also really enjoy Thai food. I would like to try more Korean though.

One thing I dont like is that coconut milk with basil leaves and beef swimming in it.
I think I could kill myself usin chop stix. My favorite soup is Egg Drop with lots of salt and pepper.I like to dip bread or a roll in it too. I love fried rice with lobster,shrimp,and pork. For the main course....Crispy Duck.
lol .. I love sushi too! :D

lol bang.. you better not use chopsticks then! My fried rice had pork in it.. it was yummy!

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