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Apr 6, 2005
Hello everyone, My name is Tony. I haven't been to culianry school, but I'm a good southern cook (ya know, the corn bread and gravy, mac and cheese, etc kind of cook). Well I have recently gotten into Chinese stlye cuisines, so I will be spending a lot of time in the Ethnic section, LOL. Any questions on southern style (Grandma style), i'm ya man. Anywho, glad to be hear!
Hi Tony. Its great to have another Southern cook here. I'm happy you found us!:)
Welcome Archer

Yeah im a Southern cook to. So maybe we can share some of each others recipes! Did'nt know that about you MJ? Good to hear theres still a few of us around!!:LOL:
Welcome aboard Archer.

Love both Southern and Chinese fare.

I just get so frustrated trying to eat my biscuits and gravy with chopsticks.:ROFLMAO:
Oh, I thought you where like my roomate who cures vegetables and meats in his closet in tuperware containers filled with vinager... :mrgreen:



Edit: btw cant wait to see your colaborations to the ethnic section. I've gotten into a real chinese obsesion since I live near chinatown I get a lot of my stuff at "super 88" which is a chinese supermarket.
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Welcome! Are you into the authentic Chinese or American Chinese? The second seems to be much more difficult to find good recipes for!
Thanks for the big welcome everyone.

lindatooo: I have just started to get into cooking Chinese, and to tell you the truth I couldn't tell you the difference between authentic or American stlye, LOL. I just cook what ever I can find a recipe for.

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