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Mar 9, 2004
NW Chicago Burbs'
My cousin Donna is only 42. Alas she has had liver problems. Liver problems because of 2 things. Hemochromatosis and drinking. The later is due to a large amount of iron in the liver and is usually genetic.
In any case she went back into the hospital last Tuesday. She could hardly breathe. Turns out her heartbeat was irregular. THey fixed that.... for awhile.
Then today her kidneys stoped functioning. Shes on dialysis now. Her heartbeat is irregular again.
I havent called today. They know the word is out.

I cant see any way she could survive. Im just wondering how long it could be until she dies. Another reason why not drink in excess.
Bucky you know something about this stuff. How long can someone last like this? :-(
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So very sorry about your cousin. I am very close to my cousins and have already lost 2 of them.
Sush,:-( I am very sorry to hear what happened to your Cousin. I also think you should go see her. Even though you haven't been close, Family is family. Heres a hug from me.

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oh man, sush, i'm so sorry. my prayers are with her and your families.

unfortunately, when the liver starts to go, often the heart and kidneys act up. you can live a long time on dialysis, but they're gonna have to stabilize her heart first, like with a pace-maker, but the liver thing is really a problem.

i don't know much about what they can do for her liver. maybe one of our health industry members can help out.
oh sush i am so very sorry. i'll be thinking and paraying for you and your family. i myself am extremely close with a few of my cousins. we're more like siblings really. i'll be devastated if something ever happened to them. if there's anything i can do or say please let me know. ((( BIG HUGE HUGS )))
Only one person knows how long she can go on in this conditon.

Hard to watch someone suffer.

What about a transplant?
Sushi, I'm so sorry to hear your news. I'll keep you in my prayers. Keep us posted and let me know if there's anyting I can do for ya'.
I just found out that she will die today. They took her off dialasis. The blood platelets are VERY low and she is bleeding out of a ventricle. (sp?) Her color is a very dark yellow from what I hear. SHe isnt going to make it. :cry:

I just got off the phone with my other cousin who is at the hospital.

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