Finally Cooked a Piggy on my Stump's Monster

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Bob In Fla.

Head Chef
Oct 26, 2008
O-Town, Florida
Decided to cook a pig (61.4 pounds can't be called a HOG!) instead of competing @ the FBA's Fun Cook and Annual General meeting.

In the cooler, returning home from Mac's Meats in Winter Haven, Fl.
Keeping cool for the ride home!

Legs trimmed so I can close the door. ;)

Trimming up the inside and pulling the membrane off the ribs.

Pig fat can blur a camera lens. :roll:

Injecting with Stump's Hog Injection.

Into the Monster @ 225.

Bowl filled with leftover injection.

End-for-ended it after about 5 hours. The carousel rack sure makes it easy! I am liking the color!

"Plated" and ready to be served!

Nice Hams!

Thanks Stump for all the help. Everybody LOVED the piggy.
Highly impressive Sir! Congrats. You done good. What is the key to doneness in the various parts? Thanks.
Highly impressive Sir! Congrats. You done good. What is the key to doneness in the various parts? Thanks.
All of that "liquid gold" in the cavity sure does help and end-for-ending on the carousel rack helps too. Hard to get the nice crispy skin with all the humidity from the juice in the bowl, though.:(

(a little foil loosely draped over the hams sure didn't hurt anything)
Yeppers can see the crispy skin issue. Or lack thereof maybe. Bob from GA cooks them skin side down direct w/o a lid. But they march to a different drummer down there apparently. What is the 225 pit temp logic? Looks like higher heat would help crisp things up a bit. Or wonder why a person couldnt pretend it was a giant picnic. Cook it a few hours..shuck off the rub the wet spots..and cook the piglet and skin as separate units. Not to find any fault in the way you done it of course. Now that would dump the juice off the ribs so maybe thats why it aint a good plan. Enquiring minds need to know all this kinda stuff. We might find a pig in our parlor one of these days. lol.
It is indeed a mysterious event. I cant delete anything unless I quickly get rational then it seems to be stuck in perpetuity land. It just aint fair. Bob must send them a donation or something.
Well glad you figgered out how to work the system. Those were some mighty nice pics. I will be willing to testify. lol

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