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little blister

Assistant Cook
Dec 26, 2004
Please :?: Anybody, I need help :!: I got a fondue pot for X's mas this year, it came with a book that has some interesting recipes . Unfortunately I don't use or care for yogurt, mayo(mircle whip), margarine or anything low-cal. What can I use :?: Will whole milk or half & half work as well :?: I always try and use fresh ingredients whenever available. Any suggestions would be great :!: It's my first time trying to use a fondue at home, so any do's and or don'ts will also be very helpful :idea: Thank- you :!:


Chief Eating Officer
Jul 14, 2004
What type of fondue are you trying to make? I like making cheese fondue. For that all you need is some cheese, a little kirsh and wine or other alcohols will do, maybe a little garlic, and possibly a touch of corn starch. Some people might also put in a little lemon juice.

There are so many different types of fondue. You could do an oil fondue where you cook meat in it or even a chocolate fondue for dessert.


Master Chef
Sep 4, 2004
Galena, IL
I personally like to put a great stock into my fondue pot, then cook meat and/or veggies in it. Traditional is oil, but it is so much easier to use the stock. When you're done with dinner, you have a couple cups of soup! I've never put mayo or yogurt in my fondue. Cheese, booze, and spices for that kind of fondue.
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