Forum turning my posts into word salads.

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WOW, a real live gremlin! Don't blame you for being 'annoyed'.
Did you 'copy' that line and insert it elsewhere at any time earlier? Perhaps you have a key that yoiu accidently press and 'insert'. Do you use a touchpad? Did your thumb pad lightly, butterfly kiss it?
Casey, bring your own bottled dressing!

I just bought a new trackball mouse, which I have used for, like forever, a Nulea M501 Wireless Trackball Mouse from Amazon, and it's rechargeable, so no batteries required. You just have to remember to plug it in once in a while.
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It happened again. This time, I tried some things. I caught this one quickly. I highlighted some of the garbled text, and it fixed itself, so I highlighted all the text, and it all fixed itself.



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