Fume-free Starter Gel

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The folks at Packaging Service Co. (makers of Frontier and Jack Daniel's charcoal) sent me a bunch of stuff to review for my blog. Among them, they sent me a bottle of this:

Frontier® Eco-Start® Charcoal Lighter Fuel


Eco-Start® is a 100% natural, non-petroleum based lighter gel. It is a safe and clean-fuel alternative to traditional lighter fluid. This earth-friendly gel is made from renewable energy sources. Smokeless and odorless, Eco-Start® keeps fumes out of the cooking area and the petroleum taste away from the food. Since it's a gel, there's no splash when applying or flare-ups when lighting.

I tried it twice this past weekend in a standard Weber chimney and I love the stuff! You add a few coals, lay on a ribbon of the gel (maybe 2-3 tablespoons), then add some more coals and light. There were no fumes and it fired right up.

It's made largely from ethanol and cellulose fiber.

The product is available at the following retailers, at a suggested retail of $4.99-$5.99:

Ace Hardware (and acehardwareoutlet.com)
Brookshire Grocery
Whole Foods

Um, that would be the "ethanol" (grain alcohol) part. :shock: :D

FYI - I just added the retailers and pricing to the original post.

Pigs On The Wing BBQ said:
Is it okay to drink when you fire up the pit? ;) :LOL:



Looks like a good idea, why not use the burner on you gas grill to lite the chimny :?:
What burner on what gas grill? :? I don't own a gasser.

I usually use my chimney on my turkey fryer burner, but this stuff is a great alternative. Sure, it's slower, but I'm usually not in a big rush anyhow. The burner is a bit of overkill most of the time.

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