Grandma's cucumber salad

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May 3, 2010
Good Morning! I joined this forum to see if I could find how my grandmother made her cucumber salad. She was born in Lancaster, PA and her cooking adhered to Pennsylvania Dutch traditions. She had a garden and believed kids would eat anything coming from it if the salad dressing was sweet. She had a dressing for cucumbers that I have been searching for for years. It was a sweet sour dressing but I know she added milk to it. It had to be a simple recipe because she whipped it up fast at the last minute, poured it on the cucumbers and served. I was only a little girl and that is all I remember about it. She is now dead and the recipe is gone as far as I know. Any help would be appreciated
Pennluv, welcome to DC! My dad used to just slice cucumbers and sprinkle sugar on them and let them sit. Sometimes he would then put vinegar on them but that was it. If I were to guess I'd try the sugar thing and then later I'd put a small blob of sour cream with it. The liquid that comes out of the cucumbers would thin out the sour cream and make it look like milk and would give you the sweet and sour taste. Good luck!
Babetoo - the OP said that her grandmother used milk, so I'm thinking cream would come closer to the recipe she's looking for than sour cream.
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