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looks great.... But are you sure you are slicing AGAINST the grain of the meat? usually the pointy end is where I start slicing. Can't quite tell from the pic.
Well can't tell where the young man started cutting but the grain of the meat looks real good and propa. Looks like point meat from here with all the little marbling streaks. Good show old chap. Like to practice my Limey accent sometimes:)

I think it looks great for a first attempt at a brisket....on a Kettle nonetheless!

FT, usually when I slice... I'll keep the fat layer on the bottom. You wanna kinda preserve the "epic"ness of the bark on the top, and that's where the smoke ring is on your pics......so when you layer the slices on a plate, you get to see that nice pink ring on each slice on the platter.....and explain to the people that don't know....the art of what that REALLY is. ;)

Awesome Job !
It definitely worked out. :D

It looks juicy and let's face it brisket is a monster. I say great job!
Dang wished I had this info about the fat down display back when we was comp cooking. I always put it fat side up. No wonder I neva won too much..sniff sniff. You an hour late and a dollar short. Thanks.

Fryar...glad it turned out...now, what you should be really worried about is that camera...those pics are HORRIBLE!! Get that ironed out so we can properly enjoy the porno please!! ;) :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
Greg I take it you had a 'high tech camera" when you first started out?
Looked great Fryarrrrr.....T 8)
Great job and looking good, I was taught before I start to smoke a piece of meat to cut a piece out to show me what end to start slicing against the grain. just my .02
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