How Many Wings ?

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Are you talking the whole wing or the separated wing? Either way, I know I couldn't do that many!
Wing tip removed along with what looks like a little drum stick. Just wings. Cappy, You still hammered from whizzing in the fairways and the 19th hole playing golf yesterday? :bar: :slap: :grin: Played 36 yesterday with a cooler on the cart. NOT a good idea. Had fun, That's what it's all about.
Pigs On The Wing BBQ said:
My mistake Larry. I did not include the word eat. BTW They weren't foiled either. :grin:

No problem Pig's! Cappy is a little slow. Fried wings must be brined and foiled! :pop: :^o
Eat!?!?! You gotta be kidding me! :eek:

No golf yesterday, had a family reunion in North Carolina.

I've eaten 30 in a sitting, and I thought I would die. I don't see how people do that stuff.

Pigs, I played golf in August one afternoon down here, and on the back 9 I started seeing black spots. Had to fill my hat with ice and sit in the cart for a while.
if they were all drumettes? No problem ! But with the upper wing...what makes each "eaten"? Does all meat have to be removed? How do they get between the bones at that speed? Hmmm. :-k [-(

Anyway, I'd like to see someone do 161 with some of my sauce that I make for myself when I'm adventerous ... on em. Muuuuhahahaaaaaaaa!
WalterSC said:
Captain Morgan said:
Eat!?!?! You gotta be kidding me! :eek:

I've eaten 30 in a sitting, and I thought I would die. I don't see how people do that stuff.

I can eat 30 myself but I have never fixed any myself , you want some fine wings go here they got the coldest drinks and faster service :

depends on the size of the wing....i've been able to eat about 20 or so hooters wings but the buffalo wild wings (which are about 1/2 the size) I've been able to eat double....(about 35-40)

some places have different size wings......
that's faster than 1 every 5 seconds.....tough to keep that pace for 12 minutes....hate to be in the stall next to her later..... :shock:

just wings? in the right mood maybe 3 dozen......

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