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May 6, 2011
Permian Basin
Howdy everyone,
I enjoy cooking, mostly outdoors but still like to cook inside as well. Between me and my wife, she cooks the easy meals (mostly) where I prefer the big ordeal.
I normally stay with the same recipes but would like to learn some new ones. I'm the type that when going out to eat, will try something new everytime. That almost got me in trouble a time or two. My main cooks are smoked brisket and ribs. I am currently learning to make my own sausage. Inside dished I like are chicken fried steak or my favorite is beef tips in red wine and mushroom sauce. I like just about anything but if I have a preference, I would say it is Italian cooking. Just about anything with pasta.
Anyway, hope to learn some more from ya'll. Thanks for the great forum.
Hello and Welcome to DC. I think you are going to enjoy yourself here. I would love to hear more about the sausage making sometime. I have always wanted to give that a try and I still have not done it.

Anyways, nice to have you here.
Thanks for the welcomes.

I will be trying another batch of sausage again tomorrow, will post how it turns out. I decided I wanted to try this several weeks ago and went all out, got a new meat grinder and sausage stuffer. Decided to try some before they came in and used a pastry bag to stuff the casings... or rather the 8" of casing I could get stuffed. :ermm: Last weekend, tried again after my toys (as my wife calls them) came in. Stuffed a full 5 pounds and cokked along with two 12# briskets, 6 racks 4&up ribs, 18 baked potatoes and 18 ears of corn. The sausage was a bit warm to everyone but it didn't last. No one could stop on the sausage. It was close to the flavor I was looking for but I am making adjustments. Anyway, I'll post this weekends cook in a more proper forum.

Thanks again, already feel at home here.

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