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Nov 8, 2004

Yes folks they have finally gone nationwide until roughly the middle of the March.

You can get just one donut for a buck.

One donut with a basket of three chicken tenders for 5.49

One donut sandwich for 5.99 or 7.99 in a combo with wedges and a medium drink.

I got to the KFC place and I would say I was like the first one to even order it:):chef:

This sandwich came wrapped with paper which was a good thing here. The icing melted and got over the one hand holding it, but it would have been a tough eat without the paper wrapping.

Each donut got a squirt of the glaze on it.

The person preparing in the back was saying it was not going to fit in the box. That box was the same one they use for regular KFC chicken sandwiches.

I took four napkins and ate the thing inside.

The sandwich was massive here as the two donuts were nice and big.

Small mouths could have trouble eating this thing.

The donuts here were really solid here. Nice and warm with solid glazing.

They nailed a yeast donut.

The chicken did work well with the donuts.

In the end I used three napkins and a trip to the bathroom to wash my hands off as napkins here are not going to be enough.

In the end I am giving this a big thumbs up. I say get one donut before they go away at the very least.

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