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Sep 4, 2004
Galena, IL
Anyone ever done this? I went to a neighborhood block party yesterday. I'd been meaning to ask a Vietnamese-American neighbor if, the next time his Mom visits, how would she feel about me asking her to teach me how to make her spring rolls. She makes them every time she visits, and they always bring me over a plate of them. I love Vietnamese food in general and spring and summer rolls in particular. Summer are easy-peasy. But can't really get the spring roll thing going.

The neighbors (a young couple with young children) said she'd be delighted, and another neighbor said she wanted to come and learn as well.

Many people ask me about trying to impress people buy cooking their cuisine. I'm always of the belief that you ask them to teach you! I learned many things by simply, instead of making something I didn't know, asking if they'd teach me how to do it. So I'm Jazzed.

Hmm, maybe this should be re-posted to Ethnic, since I plan on following up when it happens.
I have neighbors from India on both sides. I have learned about cooking several dishes from them and they appreciate my interest and love sharing.

One neighbor's dad was visiting from India and was so excited that I wanted to learn his cooking. I told him I really liked his tandoori chicken and he immediately started rattling off a narrative of how to make it. I was without a pen and paper so had no chance to remember it all. His daughter ensured me she would write out the recipe for me.
The best form of flattery and it's genuine. I have always asked when I come across something I would like to learn. My old boss from Australia was very good about most things, but he would never tell what was in his spice mix for meat pies.
I have learned all I know about Filipino cooking from friends who were excellent home cooks, and also lots about Indian cooking. That's also where I get my rabid opinions on Italian cooking. ;)

I agree, it's the best way.
I've wished many times that I had learned to cook the Greek dishes that our neighbor used to bring over to us. They were an elderly couple who had come to Florida for their health and were both wonderful cooks. They really enjoyed our kids and adopted them as their grandchildren since their own were so far away. I suppose we all regret the missed opportunities we should have taken.
I neglected to mention the great spanakopita recipe I got from our elderly Greek neighbors. I helped them shovel out of a snow storm one time and she thanked me with a plate of the stuff so I asked her for the recipe. Really good. She was pleased I liked it so much that I wanted to make it.
I wish I had been able to talk my Paternal Grandmother into teaching me her recipes. She wanted nothing to do with "the old country," at least when it cane to her Grandkids, she did a whole lot of cooking, though!
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