Moussaka, potatoes or not??

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I usually add potatoes ( good for 'stretching' to feed a family I found.) Also, for the vegetarian options, Eggplant makes a wonderful alternative to ground beef or 'Minced beef' as us Brits know it. Use it minced up as you would use beef in Lasagne, spaghetti bolignaise, shepherds/cottage pie etc. Cook meal as normal and then freeze as meals for the future.
We got tired of making eggplant parm as a casserole/layered dish. The sauce always made the breaded eggplant soggy. We now use panko to bread the eggplant and construct the dish right before serving. Each serving uses 2 pieces of the eggplant. Using a baking sheet (covered in HD foil) one piece of eggplant is placed on the sheet and is lightly coated with sauce then fresh motz slices. The second piece goes on top of the first with the same light coating of sauce and fresh motz. Then into the oven, using the broiler to melt the cheese. The eggplant remains very crispy! More sauce on the side for anyone that wants it and of course freshly grated PR.:yum: The assembly process reminds me of layering a Napoleon.

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