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Jul 8, 2009
I got my mixed case of the Rev's Sauces (6 Original/6 Hot). Mopped some smoked chicken legs quarters with the Original...Verdict.....Loved It! Took Woody's tip & mopped leg quarters in 50/50 Original Sauce & Sweet Baby Ray's Sauce....Verdict.....( I'm not a sweet sauce kinda guy) but amazingly Very Good! My daughter raved bout it! I mopped leg quarters with the Rev's Hot...Verdict...For Me This One Is The Bomb! If any of you out there is lookin' to change up your sauces & have not tried Reverend Marvin's.......go to his website & spend sum WILL NOT be disappointed brother!!!
50/50 mix of Rev's hot and Honey rock on chicken and pork!

50/50 mix of Rev's hot and ketchup rock on meatloaf!

50/50 mix of Rev's and mayo are off the chain on cold poulty and ham!

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