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Sous Chef
May 20, 2009
Toronto, Canada
2 yard birds. Rotisserie. Wolfe Citrus. Need I say more?


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Can I get a Yum Yum?
Awsome looken birds. I sold my Rotiss to Smoken Lew.
Missen it ever since. Skin looks Crisssssspy?
Good job!
Looks great! I love rotisserie chicken. I bought my rotisserie used from Tri Tip. Had two chickens on it last night and they came out great. Got the performer up to about 400 degrees and had them seasoned with Kosmo's Dirty Bird rub. They were done in about an hour and 15 minutes. Very crispy skin. Love the Wolfe Citrus Rub, too.
I was up to 250 for about 3 hours for these small birds. I could have sped it up but I was doing the cheese on the WSM and doing computer stuff and having some beers, etc. I fell asleep after dinner so I never went out.

Skin definitely has some punchy flavour and texture to it. Gotta love that.
Great looking chicken. Been using my rotisserie a lot since I got it. Even picked up a basket and have been spinning a lot of chicken pieces instead of whole birds.

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