Rotisserie Chicken thoughts?

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I liked Boston Chicken. After they expanded to include other foods and changed they name is when they started to decline. Eventually they were bought by McDonald's, and it got worse. They have since been sold to a VC company, and filed bankruptcy 3 times.

They should have stuck with chicken.
We used to love Boston Market, but the 1 close to us has such horrible reviews I wouldn't get food from there for any reason. I usually am willing to give a place a chance, but not when 90% of the reviews are mediocre to bad.
I personally was never a huge fan of Boston Market. It's possible, however, I caught it on the tail end (or the beginning) of everything going to the dogs, so that could be why.
NI used to love those rotisserie chickens, throw on some sides and a meal is born. I worked at Lum's and we washed chickens and put them in a showcase type rotisserie for dinners.

What are a rotisserie chicken's thoughts? It's hot and I'm dizzy.
My stepfather was always wowed by the frosted schooners of beer at Lums!

I always thought there was more glass than beer. 🤭

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