Shrimp/Scampi Toasts

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Feb 16, 2013
Waterdown, Ontario
Well, I am one colossal nimrod who can't follow her own advice.
I have never had Shrimp Toast and I love shrimp and I have read how great they are and I have had a hankering to make them for some time now. But I really don't like making a recipe that I've never had nor seen nor tasted.
So I look up various recipes - choose the simplest one that is pretty similar... takes me several days of dithering to gather it all together, then another day or two to prep as much as I can ahead, then another day to convince myself to actually get to it... or throw all the food stuff prepped out.

So today I actually set up my kitchen area and start. Goes great. Until I finish making the shrimp paste and think "Holy Catfish! That's for 4 pieces of bread? Looks like it could do 8 pieces!"

These recipes are from sites I trust and have made many of their recipes. I also usually look at video's if I possibly can... and here is the clinker - I did not even look for one....

So I plastered the 4 pieces of bread with the concoction (actually added another piece of bread) and proceeded. Burnt them trying to get thickness to cook thru.

So I have thrown 3 of the pieces of bread with the spread on into a container and into the fridge. Ate most of the burnt and possibly still slightly uncooked, although seemed fine and very tasty - (so if I rise in the middle of the night to chuck it all up - well, I will be thankful that's all that happens.)

Now that I have looked at various video's - I shall try to redeem my sorry dragn's a$$ and rectify the leftovers - if not... Maybe I'll just scrape off the paste and make little patty's to fry up. They are extremely tasty.

My one problem with the video's is that most all seem to deep fry, whereas the recipe I was following was only doing them in shallow oil.
Well, procrastination if the root of all garbage. Had to chuck out the paste of shrimp, guess it would be about half of it.
Just waited too long, dithering over how/what I would do with them.
hmmm, just a little stinky. Surprised they lasted as long as they did, from defrost, peel, wait, blend, wait, wait... just barely starting to stink.
argh, garbage day was today... missed it!
Is there a Question imbeded in there some where?

Sounds like you have succesfully learned one way that does not work well for You!

Perhaps share your recipe with Us for lengthy commentary?

Eric, Austin Tx.
I’m wondering if you could prepare the toasts, freeze them, and go from the freezer to the oven for ten minutes or so at 425-450. 🤔
I’m wondering if you could prepare the toasts, freeze them, and go from the freezer to the oven for ten minutes or so at 425-450. 🤔
Yes this would be much more convenient if you only wanted 1 to eat at a time but wanted to make them in a batch. (Making 1 prawn toast doesnt seem feasible.)
I made a small batch of shrimp toast for a dim sum dinner for me and Craig. Think I halved the recipe. It all got eaten so obviously didn't make much since the toasts were just part of the meal.

8 ounces shrimp, divided
3 Tbsp softened butter
1/2 Tbsp soy sauce or tamari
1/2 Tbsp Shaoxing wine or dry sherry
1 tsp sesame oil
1/4 tsp salt
1/4 white pepper
1/4 tsp sugar
1/8 cup minced green onion/scallion
1/4 cup finely minced water chestnuts
4 slices fairly hearty sandwich bread
Sesame seeds for garnish

1 egg plus 1 Tbsp water for egg wash

Oil for shallow frying

Divide shrimp in half, then take 2 from 1 pile and add to the other. Place the larger pile in a small food processor with the butter and pulse, scraping as needed, until a mousse forms. Scrape into a small bowl and add remaining ingredients up to sesame seeds.

Finely chop remaining shrimp and add to mixture in bowl. Mix well to combine, cover bowl and place in refrigerator for at least an hour.

Start oil heating in a 9-10 inch skillet, about 1/2 inch deep to 330 F.

Cut crusts from bread. Lightly brush with egg white. Spread 1/4 of the shrimp mixture over bread to edges. Lightly brush with egg wash then sprinkle with sesame seeds. Repeat with 3 remaining bread slices.

Gently and carefully place 2 slices of bread in skillet, shrimp mixture side down. Cook until you can see edges starting to brown. Carefully turn over with a spatula and allow other side of bread to brown. Remove from oil and allow to drain. Repeat with remaining 2 pieces.

Slice into triangles and serve immediately.
Hey giggler, not ignoring you... did a long rply, forgot to hit the post button.. when I found it again... I accidently deleted half - will do it all over again, soon soon.

All the recipes are extremely similar to medtran's.
LMAO I had seen Giggler's Joined date and I thought that was the date of her post. Then I saw when you replied, Dragon. And thought, "Dang, she takes her time getting back to people!"

I think Chef John did a video on shrimp on toast and it looked so good, I tried it. It was good and I wondered why I had to eat the toast, so I didn't make any.
gosh rodent, I never did post the recipe I cobbled together but I think Chef John's is probably the closest and easiest.

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