Smoked Beef Sausage

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Sous Chef
Nov 23, 2008
A Hollar in Northern Iowa
Along with smokin a ham this weekend, got a customer what put in a special order fer some smoked beef sausage. Here it is stuffed an goin inta the ice box, we smoke tammarraw.


Now that do look good. Whut is up with all that string? Why not just leave a little extra gut on each end and tie a knot in the guts to join the hoops? I must be missing something here.

bigwheel, that be the way grandpa did it in the packin house, lets ya hangem that way to with less chance of a break. Also, my fingers don't work like they used ta, the string is easier ta work with then the casin, takes ferever ta get a casin open an started on the horn! Might have ta go ta them sleeved casins one a these days.

An remember fellers, I'm a old hillbilly, I don't quite fit the mold. Matter a fact some folks say they broke the mold right fer they made me! :mrgreen: Oh well, I am what I am, ta quote Popeye! :LOL:

An as a side note, boy the shop sure is smellin good, combination a hickory in the sausage smoker an maple in the drum, shop is 60° right now, only way ta smoke in the winter!
Ok gotcha. Have been known to use a little string myself back afore I got too fat and lazy to make sausage:) Old bohunk chum showed me how to knot up the string. Last few batches I made was when I took to keeping the casings packed in vinegar. You talk about making something slick. Them guts would not hold hardly any kind of knot. It slip right apart.


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