Snack before bedtime??

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Sep 3, 2004
Marmalady made me think of this ..

It's a couple hours before you crawl in bed.. your tummy is grumbling.. you kind of have an appetite, but not for anything big. What is one snack that you would probably run for?

I think I would have to say.. a few RITZ crackers.. with some pepperoni and melted cheese!
Whatever is handy and quick. Yogurt, a piece of cheese, a banana, a little ice cream, or a few cookies all sound good. I don't have any of them, but they sound good!

:) Barbara
It has to be sweet! If I have ice cream or frozen yogurt around, great. Cookies and milk will do, also. When I'm craving something and the cupboard is bare, I'll have a waffle with PB&J.
I prefer something sweet. But, I'll settle for just about anything.

Lord help me if I've actually baked something good. It doesn't last long. The last time I made a cake (12" pineapple upside-down cake), my MIL half 1/4 OF IT AT ONE SETTING!
I have very strange needs. On one hand I love peanut butter on butter crackers before I go to bed. But then 30 minutes later, I need something so very sweet, and when I can don't have it, I have to make my own right then and there, no matter what time it is. So I make a whole batch batch of toll house cookies with milk chocolate chips and peanut butter chips. And then my husband and I eat the whole bag without realizing it. Warm cookies kind of have a finishing hold on you. :twisted: It's not normal at all but we have to eat each and every cookie.
Yeah.. I get the cereal idea.. middie knows I like Frankenberry.. lol

Yeah, Allen I try not to bake anything (cakes, brownies) just for myself... it's a dangerous commodity .. lol.. and yes, it wouldn't last long here either.... been ages since I had a pineapple upside-down cake... mmm

and waffles with peanut butter and jelly.. never tried that.. I have a box of frozen ones in the freezer. With Jif peanut butter and some smuckers strawberry jam.. yummmy!

I like yogurt too.. either frozen or the other kind. I like to buy plain vanilla refrigerated yogurt.. add some chopped nuts and berries.. and I like doing that on frozen yogurt.. makes me feel less guilty when eating before bed time.

Cookienut.. that's why I don't make a big batch of cookies, etc .. I'm the only one here.. .so, like I stated earlier.. a dangerous commodity to have around.. lol.. I save that kind of stuff for b-day parties, holidays, etc.
I try not to eat after dinner, but if I do get the munchies I typically have either cereal (Honey Bunches of Oats, Grape Nuts, Kellogg's Raisin Bran) or a couple slices of cheese.
eck otter you eat them healthy cereals??
live a little eat some cocoa and fruity
pebbles, or countchocula, etc...
LOL middie.. I like healthy cereals. I love plain shredded wheat with a little brown sugar.. but I still have my Frankenberry cravings!
usually a peice of hard candy, or sometimes some bubble gum, makes for a noce nighttime snack for me!
it depends on what i crave at the moment.

if i crave savory or salty:
cheddar cheese with raw onions and brown mustard on wheat crackers
gouda, chorizo, apples and pear slices with table water crackers
pickled herring and onions in wine sauce
costco trail mix

if i crave sweet: (with a tall cold glass of milk)
cadbury fruit and nut bar
entenmann's brownie crumb ring
ben & jerry's chubby hubby ice cream
oreos, chips ahoy, mallomars, fudge stripes
I can see the hard candy thing.... BUT... I don't know about the pickled herring, Bucky :shock: .. my uncle would love you... I'm half that side loves that stuff. Graham crackers are a fav of mine too.. so is milk.. just haven't had the combination in awhile.
cafeandy.. I love carrot cake.. that's something else I haven't had in awhile.. gee.. I'm missing out on a lot of stuff. My grandma makes something similiar that she calls Swedish Cake with cream cheese frosting.. yummay! Only way I would have that as a snack before bed would be if it was part of a care-package brought back from a holiday or birthday get-together.

LOL middie..short and sweet.. and to the point!

Last night I was boring, only had an apple.

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