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Toby Keil

Executive Chef
Jan 15, 2008
Thousand Oaks, CA
Yesterday we had a party for my daughters high school graduation and I grilled up few Tri Tips, eight to be exact. All I used was salt and pepper and I grilled over kford comp and mesquite. I sliced em all up for sandwiches, sorry no shots of the plated food. I also included a few shots of some turkey burgs I grilled up last week for dinner. Along with the burgs I grilled some peppers, red onion and some sweet potatoes...thanks for the idea Larry.

Round One.

Round Two.

On the grill, this was the batch from Costco and I think the quality of the beef was better.

All sliced up.

Turkey burgs, peppers, red onion and sweet potatoes on the grill.

Ready to eat.

Toby, sorry for the late response; but I've been traveling. The tri tip sandwiches were outstanding. Whomever made the coleslaw had it masterd. All the food was spectacular! Thanks my Brotha!
Don't know how I missed this post last week. Great looking cook Toby, not sure why that cut is so hard to find here in the mid-west??? Congratulations to your daughter, I'm sure you are proud!
Tri Tip said:
Outstanding. I picked up some tri tip Sunday for $189 a lb.

Consider yourself lucky at that price. They are hard to come by around here and the only store that usually does have them more than anyone else asks almost $5.00 @ lb.

T-tips look great!
Looks great!! Some stores around here are starting to occasionally have a tri tip but it's usually a little more than I'm willing to pay.

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