Strawberry Liquer

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Nov 7, 2004
Sydney, Australia
With the end of the year coming up (and since I didn't have this recipe 3 or more months ago) I decided I would post this delicious looking recipe up. Perhaps you can begin to prepare it for a loved one's birthday later in the year or in eager anticipation of next year's Christmas and NYE.

I haven't tried this recipe yet, but as soon as I can I will.

Strawberry Liquer

2 or 3 large punnets of ripe, juicy strawberries - hulled [feel free to add in more if you have a glut of strawberries]
1 kg granulated sugar
1L of brandy, rum or vodka
large jar with tightly fitting lid

Thoroughly clean and sterilise your jar.

Place approximately 1/4 of the sugar in the jar, shaking so that it covers evenly. Add approximately 1/3 of the strawberries, pushing them down firmly. Continue layering, you should end on a layer of sugar.

Pour over the spirit, cover tightly, and leave in a dark place for three months (or more, if you have boundless patience). Shake gently occasionally - all of the sugar will dissolve eventually, so don't panic if it remains undissolved for a few weeks.

Decant into a dark sterile bottle (hang onto the bottle the spirit came in - you'll need another one too).

You can use the liqueur in cocktails, in desserts, or just straight. Its very smooth and drinkable.

The strawberries can be used in trifles or eaten with some whipped cream.
Oh! That sounds marvelous! Thank you for the recipe!

The most unique liquer I ever made was based on petals from the roses I was growing.

ps - what is a "punnet"?
A punnet is a container of strawberries, it's how strawberries are sold here in Australia. One punnet of strawberries is equal to 250 grams (raspberries and other berries are also sold by the punnet, but in their case a punnet is equal to 150 grams).
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