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Ok, 12 huh?

1. SPAM Fried Rice
2. SPAM and cheese omelet
3. Spicy SPAM Arrabiata
4. SPAM Ramen
5. SPAM Chow Mein
6. SPAM Benedict
7. SPAM and onion sandwich
8. Oysters SPAM-sino
9. Teriyaki SPAM musubi
10. SPAM Kelaguen
11. SPAM Curry
12. SPAM Tamales

What about SPOAM (spam foam)?
spam curry is great
spray the plate first with spoam (great idea)
suvide of spam with au jus de can reduction
spamicks (spam on a stick)
spisque (spam bisque)
spaspic (spam in aspic)
spoup (spam soup)
but I think batter dipped deep fried spam bars would be the best!
....but I think batter dipped deep fried spam bars would be the best!

And to think that deep-fried Twinkies and deep-fried Snickers were loaded with fat/calories......

I actually wouldn't mind trying that, once. I do NOT want to know what the sodium content is, though.
What you need to know as a cook..

Do you like what you cook? Do others like what you cook?
If you want to make something new.. can you make it taste good?

If you can answer yes to all three, you have the all the knowledge you need to cook. Granted, you aren't at the "chef" level. without formal training you won't get there.

Having the basic knowledge of the flavors you want and how to arrive at them is all you need. You don't need to know the names of what you are doing. I don't have know why salt does what it does, all I have to know is...this dish needs salt. If you think you have to have all that "formal" knowledge and you aren't going to become a chef.. spend more time cooking and less time reading.

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