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Sep 1, 2004
Like apples and cinnamon, and allmost any warm spice.
like peaches w/the above w/almonds
beans w/summer savory
itilian sausage w/roasted red peppers.
liver and onions/bacon
manchango cheese and quince paste
tarrragon w/the crab dish,,,try it .
tomato/basil/fresh mozz
turkey and stuffing
wine and cheese
chocolate and raspberry
chocolate and coffee
chocolate and hazelnut
chocolate and coconut
chocolate and amaretto
chocolate and cherries
chocolate and chocolate and chocolate and chocolate and chocolate and ----oops, sorry - got a little carried away, there! :D
hmmm i think hot sauce with anything lol .
tabasco sauce with chips
Chinese red hot chilli sauce with my beef
Salsa with my chips
Salsa with my burrito

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