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Aug 25, 2004
What happens when you open email and you don't recognize the name? Do they haunt you some way like on the telephone with telemarketers? I just opened it and all it said was la de da. Now what? Do I have to worry about having computer virus or something else? This is just like leaving the house and wondering if the door locked. They always tell me forever to not open emails I don't know and here I did it. Guess I am worn out from going to doctor this morning and didn't pay any attention. Bad bad bad.
Did it have an attachment? It usually when you open an attachment or click on a link that will get you.
Yes, what Rainee said is the key - don't open any attachments from someone you don't know. Also, is your virus protection updated? Just don't respond at all and you can even put this user on your blocked list.

In your e-mail account click on Tools, then click on Block Sender
Thanks Rainee, I am sitting here thinking this is going to explode or something! You hear of all these crazy stories. It did not have an attachment I just opened it. How do they get your address? Maybe when I wrote to Amazon for a book I just don't like strangers calling on the phone or computer. Makes person wonder what is going to happen. Thanks for making me feel better. I am not going to worry about it then. Right?
No I would not worry about just opening the email. Like the others said, if you opened an attachment or clicked on a link then you might have something to worry about, but since that is not the case here then you are probably safe. Viruses usually are in an attachment or on a website. You might want to run a virus scan of your computer just in case you to put your mind at ease. Next time you get an email from someone you don't know, just delete it without even opening it. That way you can be sure you are safe.
thanks for assuring me. I surely am the last one to want something to happen to prevent the guys from using this computer. Person gets paranoid working the dvd, tv, computer, telephone, etc. All these things have different settings on them and when I turn them on, worry about having something go out. Just like with the car and these power windows. Having them go out is a headache. But everybody likes them. I never will. I didn't think it was wrong to have to turn handle to get window down. I was happy to have window. Have to put things in perspective. Thanks for your time and most of all consideration of my dilemma. I do so appreciate it. I am not even going to tell them about it when they get home.
I do not open e-mail if I do not know who is sending it, and I do not answer my cell phone if the caller ID is blocked, a weird number is calling, like the one the other day, 999-999-9999 was the calling number. If the caller does not want to identify them selves, like with e-mail, I do not pickup.
I've opened emails where I didnt know the person. Beware if it says, "if you did not subscribe to this site please click her to unsubscribe", because if you do they will then have your email address. Crazy but true. You should be ok since you didnt open any attachments. Make sure your anitvirus software is up to date too!
amber said:
I've opened emails where I didnt know the person. Beware if it says, "if you did not subscribe to this site please click her to unsubscribe", because if you do they will then have your email address. Crazy but true. You should be ok since you didnt open any attachments. Make sure your anitvirus software is up to date too!

You are so right amber, these hackers are so sly. These type of e-mails you refer to merely want to see if the address is a valid one and if so, you get bombarded with solicitations and pop-ups. Yahoo has an excellent anti-spam program and they send it to a 'bulk mail' box which I never enter, just empty. A friend used to take all the spam and hit the reply button and send a messge, remove me from your list......did not happen she had to change her e-mail address to get rid of the carp.
Spammers get email addresses in many ways. If you ever buy anything online, make sure they don't sell information (like location, email addy, what you tend to buy, etc. Selling credit card acccount #'s is a major crime). That still doesn't stop that company from sending you junk.

If you post onto a lot of BBS websites (like this one), make sure your email address (if used) is hidden. Some "spiders" and/or "web-crawlers" will go through a website, collect any openly displayed email addresses, and send that information back to a spammer. I wouldn't be surprised if spammers buy "lists" of email addresses, kind of like telemarketers buy lists of phone numbers.

On you email software, if it has a preview pane (like MS IE and Eudora have), set the software to NOT display the preview pane. Some viruses can auto-execute from the preview pane. Some viruses can auto-execute when you open the email, as they are embedded in the text.

Keep your anti-viral software up-to-date. Depending on how much time you spend on the internet, or how much data your transfer, you might want to update weekly, twice a week, heck I even know people that update daily! Set your system up to scan every other day, at night, when you're asleep (if you leave it on all the time), or set aside part of the day to scan your system. Download and install some kind of spyware to kill all the data miners and other spy-proggies out there. Get a firewall program and keep it set pretty high.

Don't open emails or attachments from people you don't know.

I've heard that some folks will create an email addy with a name of 01010101, and either no address, or something that will fail. This way, if a virus tries to send a copy of itself to everyone in your address book, you'll get a notification that it failed. I don't know if this really works or not.
Regisrty Mechanic is GREAT too!! It fixed 133 errors on my computer! ;)

I just ordered that last week and it runs every day when i first boot up. Works great. Cleared a lot of stuff out.
I also run Spy Sweeper. Even though I clear my cookies out wvwer time I log off, it finds one from Incredimail.
Got another one today! Now I wonder how this is happening? I didn't open this one. All it said was well, well. If I can just keep my mind on what I am doing. Seems like my days are on automatic . Have to remember to think. Thanks for all the advice.
I have a personal rule, if I do not know who the e-mail is from or if there is no subject I do not open it. I belong to several groups like this one and get daily e-mail from them, but I know who is sending it..

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