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A ploughman's lunch is a plate (or platter) of cheese, bread, sometimes pickles. Nothing fancy. I believe it is old English pub fare (never been to England, but had it at many English-, Irish-, or even Scottish- style pubs around the country and in an Australian place in Hong Kong). Meant to be hearty and fast. I will say this conditionally, just how I've had it, and I have often. I think usually accompanied by beer/ale of some sort.
Actually I lied - I am familiar with Ploughman's lunch, just don't know what it has to do with Vancouver! ;)
I would probably have to say grilled salmon. You can find it on most menus in many different forms.

More casually, it would be the "Triple O" a hamburger from a local restaurant chain (not originally fast food but they have some now and are on our ferries, hockey arena, everywhere!) It has a secret sauce and real cheddar cheese. It is awesome!
honey bun or fresh baked bread , pickled onion , cold cuts , some cheeses ( chedder and stilton ),dill pickle ,hard boiled egg --- @ OLD HOUSE _COURTENAY BC
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