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Feb 21, 2024
This site is a cool site about cool people doing cool stuff ... Oh and history is involved too...
Ben Thompson is a historian extraordinaire. He makes history fun. I thought I would post this for the history buffs on the board.
Here is a link to all of his works.. Quite impressive.
All of his books, films and other media

Here is a link to the archive of his stories. You can read the transcripts or listen to the podcast.
Badass of the week archive...

One of my favorite modern stories on the site is about a guy named Yang Youde. He is a poor guy who lives in China. This is the story of a guy who got unjustly trampled by greedy jerks and how with some fireworks and badass attitude Yang Youde beat down "the man". The Chinese government was so impressed with his badassness they didn't even arrest him.

Yang Youde Story

Trust me you will not regret the few minutes it takes to read this article.

One more Badass because I couldn't resist...

Christopher Lee... Yes, that Christopher Lee aka Superman Villian, Lord of the Rings Villian, and Star Wars Sith Lord...

In real life he was a WWII hero and badass...

Christopher Lee Story

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