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Apr 5, 2009
Pan-fried skirt steak, mushrooms sautéed in the pan drippings (with butter and Maggi seasoning), creamed spinach, and mashed potatoes.

I had cold smoked salmon on a bagel with cream cheese, sliced onion, and capers. I also had some pan roasted asparagus. When it was cooked, I drizzled it with lemon juice and the "good EVOO" (It's all good. This is the fancy one.). Then I sprinkled toasted almond slices on top. It was perfect and tasty on a day where I was having a hard time motivating myself to cook. The plan is strawberries for dessert.

Pan roasted asparagus wiith EVOO, lemon juice, and toasted almond slices.jpg
Smoked salmon, bagel, cream cheese, onion, capers, and pan roasted asparagus.jpg
Mashed potatoes (from those special deal potatoes), corn from the cob off the cob, baked tofu chicken nuggets, mushroom gravy. Watermelon and cantaloupe. 2 games of cribbage, I lost both.
No, but in Hamilton, not too far from us, there is a baker from Cote St Luc. Specializing in Mtl. bagels. And they really are special!
a big @ss salad with several kinds of greens, a red pepper, radishes, shallots and scallions. separate containers of tomato and avocado so it will last longer. a can of bumble bee tuna. and 2 chocolate chip cookies!!!

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