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Jan 4, 2005
This stuff is ridiculously GREAT, not good, but GREAT. ABSOLUTELY the best combination of spices, salt and herbs for poultry.

I cooked some on chicken strips the other day in a pan with some olive oil for sandwiches for my daughter and myself. Sauteed, added provolone cheese and served on a kaiser roll. WOW the flavor combination is absolutely perfect for poultry and probably pork. My daughter likes sauce on everything........she said 'Daddy this is awesome, no sauce required' and I agreed. If you haven't tried the Yummy Chicken I would HIGHLY suggest you do so FAST in the future.......it takes chicken to a different level.
Double dittos Mr. Bucket Head. Brian got the Yummy Chcken nailed total. Even the Warden say yea so it bound to be right.
Nick Prochilo said:
Sorry, no pics = no cook!

Thank a lot for calling me back yesterday......I needed your Bourbon knowledge and you FAILED ME WHEN I NEEDED YOU MOST! Typical NY'er!
Larry Wolfe said:
[quote="Nick Prochilo":2qqcwgfu]Sorry, no pics = no cook!

Thank a lot for calling me back yesterday......I needed your Bourbon knowledge and you FAILED ME WHEN I NEEDED YOU MOST! Typical NY'er![/quote:2qqcwgfu]

Just buy the cheap rot gut stuff you usually buy! ;) I sent a text this morning. Blanton's is what you want....it's not cheap, but it's damn smooth!
Glad you liked it Larry. Also if you are looking for some really nice bourbon one of my new favorites is Four Roses out of Lawrenceburg KY. They make several and I think I have quality checked them all over the last several years. They are all really good but be prepared to drop 40 or 50 bucks.
Four Roses is real popular over on skid row. My Daddy ranked it right up next to Ten High. Which meant you didnt drink it unless it was free or something. Try Ezra Brooks. Its januine sour mash Bourbon. It tastes like Jack Daniels should but dont. Its aged to make it smooth and 90 proof for character. The only Sour Mash deserving of a cork. About half the price of Black Jack. It you want to go nuts mix it with coke. If you want to chill out and go to sleep mix it with crick water. Believe I will have a sip of it myself. Thanks for giving me such a brilliant idear. Salude.
Hmmm..they must have changed up their image over the years. Or else maybe I have it mixed up with 3 Roses or Gypsy Rose. That could be possible. My memory aint as good as it used to be. They claim brain cells do not rejuvenate once they have been slain.
Well I have heard certain afficiandos say that unless a whiskey comes from Bourbon County KY it aint bourbon blah blah blah. If so somebody needs to sue em cuz it say on the label of Ezra, "Kentucky Straight"
"Bourbon Whiskey"
"Sour Mash'
I may have to forward this off to Prez Osama and get the EPA on em. Hey Brian got the true poop on 4 Roses today from an old likker salesman who been in the bizness 31 years. He say it began life a cheap blend (meaning it mainly vodka like other blends) and peddled cheap as in the 9 buck per half gallon range. He say back in the 70's they quit selling it in the US. It was reincarnated fairly recently as a straight whiskey. He say it aint bad but way overpriced. Guess they trying to generate some snob appeal with the yups. Them high price tags is just the ticket on that deal.


DaleP said:
sour mash is not bourbon anyhow.
Bourbon can be sour mash and many are, but no longer does it have to come from Bourbon co. The basic rules are it has to be mostly made of corn (they use rice sometimes in it), it has to be 4 years aged in a new oak barrel and it must be made with limestone filtered water. Most bourbons are made in KY and many in Bourbon Co. but some now come from Ohio and other places.
Griff said:
I like Blantons when it comes to American corn whiskey.
Amen to that! Did you know that they have different tops on their bottles, with horses in different poses like they are racing, and a different letter stamped on each cap to spell out Blanton's?
I continue to be astounded by all the knowledge of the devil's urine flowing around on here. This is bound to be part of the Masters program.
LOL @ Bigwheel. I think my favorite right now for a bourbon is Four Rose's but a close second would be Basil & Hayden. McCormick, from Missouri, makes a decent un-aged straight corn whiskey. There are other flavored corn whiskeys that to me are more like cordials, like Cat Daddy out of Carolina that are ok if your looking for something sweeter.
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