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Old 03-12-2006, 11:54 PM   #11
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My cats are very strange.. they will go NUTS for certains human foods. I dont let them eat much of it when I do give them some (because I dont really know if its good for them or not) But they go crazy for the strangest things.

Olives: manzanilla, ripe, kalamata... they seem to smell them a mile awhile and come running... they will eat them if I give them some. They are even are obsessed with olive brine. If I've drained a can in the sink they will go to the sink and try to lick it out. So weird!

Canned Corn: Not corn on the cob or frozen corn... just the canned stuff. Whole kernal or cream style - they like them both! Just like with the olives, they can smell an open can of corn from far away and come to bug me for some.

Cooked onions: Only my black kitty, Panther, likes these. It's so strange though.. if I am eating anything with cooked onions in it he is all around me wanting some.

Butter: This one isn't too strange and I think most cats love butter. I have to remember to ALWAYS put the butter plate back in my fridge. If I leave it out, even for a second (and even with the glass lid on!) the cats will figure out a way to lift the lid off and help themselves.

Condensation on a glass: If I have a glass with ice in it and a cold drink my orange kitty, Ginger, always wants to lick the condensation off the side of the glass. Weirdo!

Some more normal things that they enjoy are fish (haddock, salmon, tuna - any kinds!), shrimps, and kippers. Oh and cheese too! They go crazy for cheese.

~passionate pescetarian~
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Holy CRAP! GrumbleeBee I wish MY cats enjoyed that! Hey, I just heard MASSIVE thunder claps!! Im going to bed.

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Old 03-13-2006, 12:05 AM   #13
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good night sush
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Old 03-13-2006, 02:52 AM   #14
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My hobbes I had some years ago loved tuna straight out of the tin, any type of cheese, pasta with some cheese and butter,maionnaise, ice cream and whipped creams.
Following the example of a certain world famous fat cat, I once tried serving him some lasagne... he liked the pasta and cheese but didn't touch the meat sauce part... I guess it was too garlicky/oniony or something...

Another weird habit of his was, after I rubbed in some lotion on my hands, arms etc. he came right over and start licking on them... strange boy!!
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Old 03-13-2006, 06:27 AM   #15
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Good to know that a couple of my 13 cats aren't the only ones that enjoy olives!! Of course not all of them enjoy all the same foods. One loves cooked cabbage with onions and butter, another likes tomato pie and braunschweiger sandwiches. There are so many different things, the list would be too long!!
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Old 03-13-2006, 06:49 AM   #16
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Mini & Annie, are very fussy eaters. they eat their dry cat food but not much of anything else. They like the gravies from canned cat food but not the solids.Nothing much from the table. Annie use to like bacon but even turnes that down now.
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Old 03-13-2006, 08:36 AM   #17
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We currently have three cats. Angel is a female long-hair calico. Furby is a male orange marmalade long-hair, with a stump of a tail (congenital birth defect that runs in his family). Bootsie is a blind black and white shorthair.

All three cats go for any food they can find. I've seen Furby make off with a raw chicken breast, all three cats will jump (or for Bootsie, climb) up to the sink, and the stove. For a blind kittie, Bootsie sure like to climb. She'll perch herself up on the back of a chair, or climb into a windowsill.

I know it's off-topic, but what we really have to watch out for are the Chihuahua's. They'll snag the little ones' bottles, and chew the nipple off.
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Old 03-13-2006, 09:43 AM   #18
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Chang and Mei Yu are strictly dry catfood eaters, except for licking the juice out of the tuna can.
We get by with a little help from our friends
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Our cats are on vet prescribed diets. Midnight, the elder cat, needs hypoalergenic food, and Smokie gets a food to help prevent crystals in the urine, as she's had a couple UTIs.

Midnight will sniff most anything, then leave well enougn alone. Smokie, on the other hand, will sniff most anything, and is usually up for a taste. We don't allow them human food much. I'm a little more liberal then Mrs. Big Dog, as long as I am done with whatever she's going to sniff and maybe taste.
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Old 03-13-2006, 10:17 AM   #20
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Onions and Garlic are toxic to cats and dogs

You may wish to restrict the consumption of garlic and onions by your dogs and cats since it's widely reported that plants in the allium family (garlic and onions) can product hemolytic anemia (a potentially fatal disorder in which red blood cells are destroyed). There is some discussion on the Internet that this disease is most likely a result of consumption of raw onions and garlic, however there does not seem to be any clear evidence that I've found which clearly rules out a problem with cooked onions and garlic.

For my cats, there are plenty of other normal and not potentially toxic foods to tempt and tantilize their palates.

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