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Collabarative idea involving Lemon Pudding.

Ok, my mom made this dessert when I was a kid, which is very similar (if not identical) to this:

Today I wound up buying some lemon and vanilla pudding and had a thought: could there be a version of the above, made with lemon pudding, and if so, what would it have in it.

My current list of ingredients includes:

A (4serv) package of Lemon Pudding (instant).
1 Tbs Lemon Extract.
A large tub of Cool Whip.
1 bag mini marshmallows.

Possible additions:
Crushed Pineapple. Probably only an 8-oz can, and drained at that.

I don't think that coconut would work in this... though wierder things have happened.

Current plan is this: combine Pudding, Cool Whip and extract. Fold in marshmallows (and pineapple?) until evenly distributed. Chill and serve.


So, any ideas on how to make this work better than it sounds? Any other possible additions to the mix, or possibly even a recipe that is buried somewhere in a box or on the forum?


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Canned mandarine orange slices and raisins just might taste great in this salad. I know from experience that sliced banana is great as an addition to it. Banana chips owuld taste great and act as a crunchy counterpoint as well.

Other additions might inlude chunks of vanilla wafer cookies, or small chunks of shortbread. Broken ladyfingers might work with this as well.

You might take the lemon salad (I would call it lemon filling) and use it to make shrotbread cookie sandwiches, or freeze it into lemon puding-pops. You could also pipe it into cream-puff pastrie, or wrap puff pastrie squares over it to make turn-overs, or use it as the filling for thumb-print cookies.

Just some ideas for you.

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