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trivia 1/28

trivia 1/28
In 1910, Los Angeles became the first city in the USA to hire a Policewoman with arrest powers.

1. Henry VI had a famous or infamous wife, depending on your point of view. Who was this powerful woman?
A. - Eleanor of Aquitaine
B. - Margaret of Anjou
C. - Mary de Guise
D. - Matilda of Flanders
2. A Canadian province was once known as New Caledonia. What is it called now?
3. What Air Show team flies F-16’s ?
4. What Basketball Hall-of-Famer won a record eleven championship rings ?
a. – Kareem Abdul Jabbar
b. - Jerry West
c. – Wilt Chamberlain
d. – Bill Russell
5. What color are an Emu’s eggs ?
a. – Dark Green
b. – Dark Blue
c. – Dark Brown
d. – Dark Red
6. How many European Capitals are located on the Danube River ?
(Bonus; Name them...)
a. – 3
b. – 4
c. – 5
d. – 6
7. When it comes to Greek Mythology, who were Boreas, Zephyrus, Notus, and Erurus ?
8. If I am a Cobra, what natural enemy do I fear most ?
(Hint; it’s not humans...)
King George V of England, Czar Nicholas of Russia, and Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany were first cousins.
1. – B
2. British Columbia
3. Thunderbirds
4. – d
5. – a
6. – b
(Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest, Belgrade)
7. The Four Winds
8. The mongoose
Queen Victoria's son Edward VII was King George V's father.
Queen Victoria's daughter Alice was the mother of Alexandra, wife of Czar Nicolas II.
Nicholas II, himself, was not a descendant of Queen Victoria, however both of them (Nicholas II and Queen Victoria) were several generations descended from King George II of England.
Kaiser Wilhelm and Czar Nicholas had a common ancestor in Paul I of Russia.
Additionally, George V of England and Czar Nicholas II of Russia were first cousins through their mothers. George's mother, Alexandra of Denmark, and Nicholas' mother, Dagmar of Denmark, were sisters.

“Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper.” – Adelle Davis
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