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trivia 1/29

trivia 1/29
Giraffes sleep only 1.9 hours a day in five- to 10-minute sessions. Koalas, however, are the longest-sleeping mammals, sleeping up to 22 hours a day.

1. For what purpose can a camel's feces be used by humans?
2. Which of the following countries does South Africa NOT share an international border with?
a. - Malawi
b. - Botswana
c. - Namibia
d. – Swaziland
3. Fill in the blank ;
In Sweetwater, Texas, every year they have a ___________ Roundup.
4. Which famous landmark is inscribed with the 'New Colossus', a sonnet by Emma Lazarus ?
5. What was the name of the heathen idol that Jezebel worshipped?
6. Only three “Sports” films have ever won a Best Picture Oscar, in 1976, 1981, and 2004..........Name at least two for a correct answer..........
7. What is the term for the minimum number of House members who must be present for business to be conducted?
8. Who had a 1967 hit with 'Brown Eyed Girl'?
Cashew nuts contain a poisonous oil.
1. Fuel
2. – a
3. Rattlesnake
4. The Statue of Liberty
5. Baal
6. Rocky (1976), Chariots of fire (1981) and Million Dollar Baby (2004)
7. a Quorum
8. Van Morrison
The cashew tree is a relative of poison ivy, and cashew nuts, in their natural form, do contain poison, but roasting them makes them safe to eat.


“Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper.” – Adelle Davis
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I got all but #6. I should have gotten #6.
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