Trivia 7/29

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Dec 20, 2005
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Trivia 7/29
There are an average 100 deaths in the USA each year
Caused by Rip Currents…
Approximately 30,000 swimmer are rescued from Rip Currents
Each year.

1. The word "program" can have any number of meanings from a television show to a piece of computer software. In UK English usage, how is this word spelled when referring to a television show?
2. What is the NATO phonetic alphabet code for "F"?
3. Between which two of our planets is the Asteroid Belt located ?
4. What legendary singer and songwriter, known for his sweet jazzy melodic tones produced "Chances Are", his only Number One hit on the US Billboard Hot 100 Chart on 9/16/1957?
5. Mitt Romney, who lost the 2012 Presidential election to Barack Obama, was the son of George. George Romney was the governor of which U.S. state?
a. - Utah
b. - Ohio
c. - Michigan
d. - California
6. Which Country reaches north of the Arctic Circle?
a. - Switzerland
b. - Sweden
c. - Both
d. - Neither
7. Anyone who has watched 'Friday the Thirteenth' (or 'Scream', for that matter) knows that the killer in the first film was not, in fact, Jason, but his mother. What is her name?
a. - Mrs. Bates
b. - Mrs. Voorhees
c. - Mrs. Myers
d. - Mrs. Newstead
8. Found in the the Pacific northwest, what kind of animal is a kokanee?
a. - bear
b. - fish
c. - eagle
d. - skunk

Many foods are radioactive, but bananas are the most radioactive .
1. Programme
2. Foxtrot
3. Mars and Jupiter
4. Johnny Mathis
5. - c
6. - b
7. - b
8. - b

Brazil Nuts are 60% more radioactive than bananas....
Top five radioactive foods are;
Brazil Nuts
Lima Beans
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