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trivia 8/13

trivia 8/13
The only president to be unanimously elected was George Washington (1732-1799). He also refused to accept his presidential salary, which was $25,000 a year.

1. Word Scramble;
"lkkuenc" ~ n. The prominence of the dorsal aspect of the joint of a finger.....
2. Not counting the Rum,What is the main ingredient of the original Malibu Rum ?
3. The Winged Liberty Dime is better known by what name?
4. Astrology 101;
What part of the body is ruled by Cancer?
a. - Liver, Hips and Thighs
b. - Breasts and Stomach
c. - Bones, Joints and Knees
d. - Neck and Throat
5. A potentially harmful additive found in almost all municipal water supplies..
6. New York City was originally known as ______________?
7. Fictional Personals Dept;
SM ISO SF. I enjoy playing baseball, but I lose all the time. I enjoy playing football too, but am having a hard time trying to KICK the ball. Red hair not necessary but a plus! Who am I?
8. What flower name completes this line from the State Song of Colorado;
Where the __________ Grow...
a. – Sunflowers
b. – Milkweeds
c. – Columbines
d. – Forget-Me-Nots
The world’s largest Hindu Temple is in Turkey.
1. Knuckle
2. Coconut (Extract)
3. The Mercury Dime
4. – b
5. Chlorine
6. New Amsterdam
7. Charlie brown
8. – c
Swaminarayan Alshardham, the largest Hindu temple in the world, is in Delhi, India.
The Temple complex covers 100 acres.


"Still, a man hears what he wants to hear, and disregards the rest"...
- Simon & Garfunkle
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Stink, stank, stunk! But I did get #s 5, 6, and 8 correct. I didn't really give #1 enough thought or would have gotten it, and I misread #7 and was thinking it said he had red hair, but I probably wouldn't have gotten it anyway because I was trying to think of a real person (didn't see "Fictional"--in too much of a hurry today I guess!).
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