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Trivia 1/12

trivia 1/12
Of all the men to have served as US president, eight never went to college:
George Washington, Andrew Jackson, Martin Van Buren, Zachary Taylor, Millard
Fillmore, Abraham Lincoln, Andrew Johnson, and Grover Cleveland.

1. Do you Recall;
... The first woman inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ??
2. Name the Book ;
Dick Hickok and Perry Smith commit a horrible crime .......
3. Song lyric -
"Look at me, I'm Alexandra Zuck" doesn't have the same ring to it. What did
Zuck change her name to ?
4. When did Coca-Cola start featuring Santa in their ads?
a. - 1931
b. - 1951
c. - 1971
d. - 1991
5. Of these four father-son pairs, which one has the most total combined
career home runs?
a. - Ken Griffey Sr. and Ken Griffey Jr.
b. - Bobby and Barry Bonds
c. - Felipe and Moises Alou
d. - Hank and Tommie Aaron
6. "Who Dat ??"
American Country musician; member of The Highwaymen; wrote & sang 'The Dukes
of Hazzard' theme...
7. Fill in the Blanks ;
Recently engaged, Brad ______ (Barry Bostwick) and Janet _____ (Susan
Sarandon) get lost and stranded, to start off a very unusual night ...
8. Which of these events did NOT take place in the 60s?
a. - "British Invasion"
b. - Hawaii becomes 50th of the Fifty
c. - Ceylon has World's first female leader
d. - Adolph Eichmann goes on Trial in Israel

Two of Christopher Columbus’ ships, the Pinta and the Santa Maria, were sunk
by a hurricane.
1. Aretha Franklin
2. "In Cold Blood"
3. Sandra Dee
4. - a
5. - b
6. Waylon Jennings
7. Majors and Weiss
8. - b

Columbus was preparing to leave Hispaniola in June of 1495 when the
hurricane slammed into the island, sinking both the Pinta and the Santa
Maria. It was ten more months before the crew was able to salvage enough
parts from the two sunken ships to make another ship to sail home in.

“There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.”
― Mahatma Gandhi
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