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Trivia 10/15

trivia 10/15
Human babies are born without bony kneecaps. Newborns are born with kneecaps
that are made of cartilage, which is soft. Later as they grow and their bone
structure develops, ossification takes place and it turns hard.

1. If I want to visit Bergen and Lillehammer, to what country must I travel
2. The modern Decathlon for men includes ten events spread over two days.
Which of these is NOT included?
a. - 1500-Meter Run
b. - Hammer Throw
c. - Javelin
d. - 110-Meter hurdles
3. Which of these are high in Carbohydrates ?
a. - Squash
b. - Turnips
c. - Cauliflower
d. - Beets
4. What's the largest city and capital of Argentina?
5. What Car Company built the Belvedere ?
6. What's the nickname for the UCLA football team ?
a. - Storm
b. - Yellowjackets
c. - Tigers
d. - Bruins
7. TV Theme Songs ;
"Chillin' out maxin' relaxin' all cool and all shooting some b-ball outside
of the school."
8. Google has developed multiple products, but, what web browser will
associate to the brand?

When Aaron Burr shot and killed Alexander Hamilton in a duel, Burr was Vice
President at the time.
1. Norway
2. - b
3. - a
4. Buenos Aires
5. Plymouth
6. - d
7. The Fresh Prince Of BelAir
8. Chrome

He was the third vice president of the United States (1801–1805), serving
during President Thomas Jefferson's first term. ... Burr shot his political
rival Alexander Hamilton in a famous duel in 1804, the last full year of his
single term as vice president.
When Aaron Burr shot Alexander Hamilton on July 11, 1804, the scene must
have been eerily familiar to the former Secretary of the Treasury. After
all, his son died in a similar setting just three years earlier.

“There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.”
― Mahatma Gandhi
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