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Trivia 12/3

trivia 12/3
Alabama proclaimed Christmas a holiday in 1836, the first State to do so .
On the other end, Oklahoma was the last state to make the proclamation in

1. The prairie wolf or the American jackal are alternate names for which
animal of Central and North America, whose Latin name is Canis latrans?
2. What would you do with a "Saveloy" ?
a. - Plant it
b. - Cook it
c. - Wear it
d. - Salute it
3. Ronald was a Governor and POTUS : He was also a President before He was a
Governor... What was he President of ?
4. Who was convicted of rape in 1966 after confessing to the crime without
realising he needn't have said anything to the police?
(Last name is good enough for credit...)
5. In Harry Chapin's classic song "Taxi", the narrator picks up an old flame
from years before in his taxi cab. What is the address she wants to be taken
6. Rue, Cato, Peeta and Thresh are fictional contestants in what Book and
Film series ?
7. What is the only member of the Panthera group of Felines found in the
8. If your airline baggage tags say 'LHR' or 'LGW' which city are you

On Prime Day 2015, Amazon offered a paltry $1.00 discount on a Sony
Playstation 4 Console.
1. Coyote
2. - B
3. the Screen Actors Guild
4. Ernesto Miranda
5. 16 Parkside Lane
6. 'The Hunger Games'
7. the Jaguar
8. London

They offered a miserly 10-cent discount. #PrimeDayFail went viral on
Twitter, with many Tweeters adding their ten cents worth.

“There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.”
― Mahatma Gandhi
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