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Trivia 3/22

trivia 3/22
From groundbreaking to opening day, Disneyland was built in 366 days.

1. You play first in Scrabble with the word "zoo". How many points do you
2. Who is the patron saint of animals ?
3. Who provided the voice for Homer Simpson's half-brother, Herb ?
4. The Partridge Family produced seven Top Forty hits in their career, but
only one went to the top of the Chart.... name it ...
5. The Gobi desert sits on what two countries ?
6. If you are using terms like dummy, Yarborough and ruff, what are you most
likely doing ?
7. Mary Queen of Scots is an interesting figure from Scotland's past. In
what year was she born ?
a. - 1542
b. - 1452
c. - 1324
d. - 1624
8. What does MRI stand for ?

Papa John’s delivers the most pizzas in the world, at over a million pizzas
per day.
1. - 24
2. St. Francis of Assisi
3. Danny DeVito
4. 'I Think I Love You'
5. China and Mongolia
6. Playing Contract Bridge
7. - a
8. Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Domino's delivers the most pizzas in the world, at over a million pizzas per
Domino's ranks #2 in total sales, behind Pizza Hut.... Little Caesars ranks
third, with Papa Johns in fourth place

“There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.”
― Mahatma Gandhi
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