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Trivia 4/23

trivia 4/23
There are about 2 million Single Father Families in America ;
Meanwhile, there are about 11.6 million Single Mother families...

1. Most Civil War historians mark the battle of ___________ as the turning
point of the war.
2. The Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland share an island ... what
fraction of the island does Northern Ireland sit on ?
a. - 1/2
b. - 1/3
c. - 1/5
d. - 1/6
3. A Dram equals how much of an ounce ?
a. - 1/10
b. - 1/8
c. - 1/6
d. - 1/4
4. What is the first person singular present tense form of the English verb
"to be"?
a. - Is
b. - Be
c. - Are
d. - Am
5. "Sultans Of Swing" was a huge hit for whom?
6. Of the first 44 U.S. presidents, who was the only one to have previously
served as president of a labor union?
(Bonus; Name the Union...)
7. Often referred to as the 'Butcher of Uganda', this barely literate despot
had a successful military career before seizing power of his country in a
military coup. Name him ...
8. Famous Tombstones Dept;
Who's tombstone reads, 'Truth and History. 21 Men. The Boy Bandit King - He
died as he lived.'?

The Planets in our Solar System, other than our home Planet, are named after
Roman Gods.
1. Gettysburg
2. - d
3. - b
4. - d
5. Dire Straits
6. Ronald Reagan (Screen Actors Guild - SAG)
7. Idi Amin
8. Billy the Kid

Unlike most of the other planets in our solar system that are named after a
Roman god, Uranus is named after a Greek god

“There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.”
― Mahatma Gandhi
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