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Trivia 4/6

trivia 4/6
Tigers have striped skin as well as striped fur.

1. Who are traditionally identified as the four Kings in a deck of cards ?
(Bonus ; Which King goes with which suit ?)
2. In which country would you find the region of Catalonia?
3. Where in your body would you find an osteocyte ?
4. Name That Flick ;
Cornfields, Mount Rushmore, Mistaken identity....
5. The leavening agent in a soufflé is ...
a. - Baking Power
b. - Whipped egg whites
c. - Baking Soda
d. - Yeast
6. Connecting the Greenland Sea to the North and the Irminger Sea to the
South, the strait between Iceland and Greenland is named for which European
a. - Denmark
b. - Norway
c. - Finland
d. - Iceland
7. What country would I probably be in if I saw matryoshkas in the Airport
Gift Shop ?
8. Which Irish city shares its name with a five-line poem ?

According to the King James version of the Holy Bible, the names of the
three wise men were Gaspar, Melchior and Balthazar .
1. David (Spades), Alexander (Clubs), Julius Caesar (Diamonds), Charlemagne
2. Spain
3. In Your Bones
4. North by Northwest
5. - b
6. - a
7. Russia
8. Limerick

The story in Matthew 2:1-12 does not reveal the names of the wise men/magi
nor even disclose how many there were. The number three is traditionally
assumed because three gifts are mentioned in the text. Their names were
assigned by tradition. Other speculation about these travelers has been that
Melchior was a Persian, Gaspar an East Indian and Balthazar a Babylonian.
Still other speculation is that one was old, one middle aged and one very
young. The driver behind these imaginings is the wish to present the magi as
representative of the whole world and all of the people in it.

“There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.”
― Mahatma Gandhi
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