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Trivia 5/15

trivia 5/15
Allan Lane, a 1940’s B-Movie Cowboy Star, provided the voice of ‘Mr. Ed’.

1. Yogurt, or yoghurt is a delicious product of fermented milk. What
language is the word derived from?
a. – Swedish
b. – Turkish
c. – Arabic
d. – Norse
2. What two breeds of dog make up the 'Bagle'?
3. Name That Flick :
It stars Tom Cruise as Claus von Stauffenberg, one of the main plotters, as
he tries to pull off a plan to kill Hitler...
4. The first Royal person in space came from what royal family family ?
a. - Windsor - Britain
b. - Saud - Saudi Arabia
c. - Akihito - Japan
d. - Armgard - Netherlands
5. How many strings on a Concert Harp ??
a. - 36
b. - 47
c. - 58
d. - 69
6. Who Am I ??
I started out as a singer, moved on to comedy, then to movies, where I
played in "Rio Bravo" and "The Sons of Katie Elder".
7. In which sport would you get extra points for a perfect Telemark landing?
a. - diving
b. - Ski Jumping
c. - Pole Vaulting
d. - Balance Beam
8. Famous Last Words Dept;
"All my possessions for a moment of time"
a. - W. C. Fields
b. - Elizabeth I
c. - Steve Jobs
d. - Howard Hughes

Fictional Hero the Green Hornet is the Grand – Nephew of the Lone Ranger.
1. – b
2. Basset hound and Beagle
3. 'Valkyrie '
4. - b
5. - b
6. I am Dean Martin
7. - b
8. - b

Britt Reid is the son of Dan Reid, Jr., the nephew of John Reid, the Lone
Ranger, making the Green Hornet the grand-nephew of the Ranger. The
relationship is alluded to at least once in the radio shows, when Dan Reid
visits his son to question him on why Britt has never captured the Hornet.
On learning the truth behind his son's dual identity, Dan Reid recalls his
days riding in Texas with his uncle, as the William Tell Overture plays
briefly and softly in the background.

“There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.”
― Mahatma Gandhi
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