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Trivia 6/29

trivia 6/29
Lake Ptolemy, which was slightly larger than Lake Erie, existed in the area
that is now the Sahara Desert before it dried up thousands of years ago.

1. In the film 'Gladiator', Russell Crowe portrays which character?
a. - Maximus
b. - Proximus
c. - Commodus
d. - Gracchus
2. To whom did General Douglas MacArthur promise in 1942: "I shall return"?
3. There are 12 months in a year. In English, how many of those do NOT have
the letter 'e' in their name?
4. f the choices given, which would be the worst to have thrown in your
a. - H2O
b. - HCI
c.- NaCl
d. - C12H22O11
5. Strange Words are These ; BLUCHERS
a. - Sunglasses
b. - Shoes
c. - Door Chimes
d. - Lawn Gnomes
6. September 11th 2001 is also known as Black...
a. - Monday
b. - Tuesday
c. - Wednesday
d. - Thursday
7. Who Said That ?
'There she was - dejected, desperate, and stoned. Everything I could hope
for in a woman.'
a. Hawkeye Pierce
b. - Louie DePalma
c. - Dr. Gregory House
d. - Austin Powers
8. If I suffer from Cynophobia, what is it that I fear ?

A hectare is the metric term for an acre.
1. -a
2. the Filipinos (Acceptable ; Philippines)
3.- 6
4. -B
5. - b
6. - b
7. - b
8. Dogs

A hectare is defined as 10,000 square meters, and is used to measure land in
countries where the metric system is used. One hectare equals 2.471 acres.
One square kilometer equals 100 hectares.

“There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.”
― Mahatma Gandhi
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