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Cleaning glassware

Hope this forum is close enough.
I often buy interesting drinking glasses at garage sales and such. I clean them first with antibiotic hand cleaner, then antibiotic dish soap in scalding hot water, then the dishwasher. That seems to me like it should be enough, the missus still won't drink from any of my used glass collection. What do you think?

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I'm sure they're clean and sanitary. I suppose you could get some rubbing alcohol from the drug store and soak them in it, then maybe steam them or put them in boiling water for a few minutes.
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So, does she use the glasses, silverware, dishes, etc. at a restaurant?

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It's the "thought" she can't get past, I guess. But yes, I would certainly drink out of them after that. Frankly, I would simply wash them in the dishwasher and that's all. As long as your dishwasher gets hot enough that's really all that matters. You can always ask a bar for a packet of that sanitizer stuff - just be sure and soak them for 2 minutes.

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