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sorry but I don't wash good cutlery or cookware in the dishwasher. I don't know of any brand that recommends it.
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Originally Posted by Robo410 View Post
sorry but I don't wash good cutlery or cookware in the dishwasher. I don't know of any brand that recommends it.
Henckel writes that it is okay if they don't have a wooden handle. Lagostina says it's okay (except for the copper bottomed stuff) for their pots and pans.
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I recently took a course on knife skills, and the instructor specifically stated not to wash your knives in the dishwasher - no matter what. Even if it says you can.

I'm not sure what it is about the dishwasher that makes knives so susceptible to damage, but it can damage and dull your knives, not to mention degrade the handle. I believe it some knives, the pressure of the dishwasher can dis-lodge the metal from the handle, resulting in increased slips and loss of control. I definitely wouldn't recommend it!

Instead, wash your knives from the spine to the base of the blade by hand. I hate washing my knives as well, but it's definitely safer in the long run! :]

I hope this helps!! I'm currently writing a Essential Knife Skills series for my blog, so all of this information is right at the top of my head lol! :D
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..never ever ever ever put a knife in the dishwasher no matter what they say
goes from my hand, wash, dry, storage
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Thank you all but this thread is not about knives that you can't put in the dishwasher. It's about finding a knife that you can safely put in a dishwasher. Your posts are well thought out and well-meaning and I appreciate your time but everyone who puts a chef knife in the dishwasher learns quickly with one try that you can't do that...rust spots occur with one washing, handles can't withstand harsh detergent, and top-rack loading is necessary for minimizing banging and dulling the blade...but

...this is more of what I was looking for:

Taxlady posted that Henckels are safe in the dishwasher.

Kathleen posted ceramic knives might be a thought (but are they considered excellent performance-wise?).

And Rob Babcock said, "...if you must have something that's dishwasher safe I suppose Henckels, Wusthofs or Messermeisters with resin or plastic handles would be your best bet. If you're looking for something cheaper, Analon or Kitchenaid knives with similar scales would be relatively safe."

I have 4 "helpful" kids who sometimes don't follow the rules (any parents in here relate to that?), and sometimes I cook for 14 during holidays so I like to save time whenever possible.

Some clever inventor has a multi billion dollar opportunity here it seems....quality knife that is safe in a dishwasher...unless a Henckel, Wusthof, Messermeister, Analon, Ceramic ones, or Kitchen-aid is truly the magic bullet here.

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Seems highly rust resistant steels generally have inferior edge properties. S30V is the one steel that I am familiar with that has good rust resistance and superior edge retention. However cooking knives made from this steel (most, if not all, are custom made) are quite pricey and generally not as lustrous as many would want .

Not withstanding the above, considering that I have seen glassware that has been eroded (fogged) over time by repeated dishwashing machine cleaning, I think looking for dishwasher safe quality cutlery is a fools errand. We use our dishwasher mainly as a storage bin for a few of our pricey All Clad and Demeyere cookware.
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Any stainless steel knife can go in the dishwasher. The issue is that the handle can eventually be damaged depending on what it is made of and the edge will not stay as sharp as it would if you hand wash. But those are trade offs some people are willing to take. So buy any knife you like and use it in the dishwasher, but know that the life and sharpness will suffer a little bit.
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