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luckytrim 02-25-2020 07:56 AM

Trivia 2/25
trivia 2/25
Heinz ketchup has been calculated to flow from its glass bottle at the speed
of . 028 miles per hour. This rate of flow is tested by the company's
quality assurance department, and if the ketchup flows any faster, that
batch of ketchup is rejected.

1. The television show "ER" was set in what city ?
(Hint; think “the Bulls”, and “the Bears” )
a. - NYC
b. - Chicago
c. - Los Angeles
d. - a Fictional Town in Ohio
2. Strange Words are These ; VISCIDNESS ...
a. - the power of creative imagination
b. - the act of admiring strongly
c. - the property of being cohesive and sticky
d. - a lack of consideration for others
3. In the United States presidential election of 1844, the slogan
"Fifty-Four Forty or Fight" pertained to what issue?
4. What event in 1985 did Bob Geldof organize with Midge Ure?
a. - Farm Aid
b. - Aid for Bangladesh
c. - Live Aid
d. - Band-Aid
5. What was it that Nellie the elephant packed before she "said goodbye to
the circus"?
6. What is the world's only edible rock?
7. What British Crooner sang "Addicted to Love" ?
8. What company, in the Sixties, offered "Corn and Cluck for Under a Buck" ??

“Truthiness” is a word made up by comedian Stephen Colbert which, according
to him, means accepting “Fake News” as fact.
1. - b
2. - c
3. the USA-Canada Border
4. - c
5. Her Trunk
6. Salt
7. Robert Palmer
8. Kentucky Fried Chicken

Appearing on "The Colbert Report", a satirical news program, Stephen Colbert
led the nation with this word that appeared at the top of the Webster 2006
word list AND the American Dialect Society's list. The word refers to truth
attained from a gut instinct as opposed to fact or proven evidence through
intellectual observation or logic. According to Colbert in interviews, the
term highlights the United States' selfish opinion on truth not only being
something that people 'feel' is correct, but that it is something that can
only be correct because 'they' are the ones feeling its merit. In a sense,
it pokes fun at the public's disregard for empirical fact in various aspects
of life. Since the show's debut, Colbert has also coined the term

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