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luckytrim 02-01-2006 04:13 PM

trivia 2/1
1. who invented the thermometer?
2. fill in the blank;
the snowiest city in the USA, based on yearly average snowfall, is stampede pass, washington, with _____ inches per year.
3. "nova" was the working title for what periodical magazine?
4. on which hand does michael jackson wear his famous glittering glove?
5. what year did phyllis george win the miss america title?
6. in what city was martin luther king's assassin captured?
the alcohol in wine evaporates when it is exposed to high heat.

1. galileo (da vinci?)
2. 440.5 (275??)
4. RIGHT (!!)
5. 1971 (??)
if, in the cooking process, wine is reduced to "dry" (no liquid remains, just a syrupy glaze), the alcohol is evaporated.
the alcohol, having a lower boiling point than the liquid, evaporates before all the liquid is gone.
if the wine is still liquid, however, some alcohol remains.

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