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Claire 09-03-2011 11:28 PM

Yes, I know that we have a road food line. But a certain site moderator inspired me to this one. What unexpected pleasures have you found in your travels. Yes, it can be food, but if it is only that, go to that line. But this is quirky things and places you found in traveling, or maybe something in your own home town or state or country that most people passing through just wouldn't notice if they weren't really paying attention.

Claire 09-03-2011 11:39 PM

I'll start, and we will all know who I'm talking about, Misoula, Montana. A dozen years ago or so my husband and I spent 3 years on the road and eventually spent a few days here. I never really understood what people meant by "big sky country" ... don't know if you can get it if you haven't been there. The sky, does, somehow seem larger and more grand. I loved this town. The people there were very friendly. At the campground where we stayed, kids, families, were always coming in with enough fish for dinner (most places I've lived people fished all day, then went to a store to buy fish). At happy hour, so-to-speak, as we were sitting there talking the the father of the man who owned and ran the brewery, What I loved was people coming in with "growler" jugs and trading them for full ones to bring either home or, more likely, to an after hours group of coworkers or other like-minded folk.

The town was one I'd move into quite easily, and not just because of the beer (I really don't like beer). Jut the ambience of the town. It is like they never met a stranger. Pretty, picturesque, good food, but just all-around nice.

Claire 09-03-2011 11:52 PM

Another uuusual, small place I visited that will have a place in my heart is, of all places, Garden City, Kansas. Why in the heck, you might ask. Well, to start with, we arrived and parked our rig to find ourselves surrounded by Monarch butterflies. Within the next few days, the ones too weak to follow the migration were dying all around us. A bit sad, but still, something lovely to see in the terms of the cycle of life.

But what I really loved was their zoo. It was flat-out wonderful. For a relatively small town, it was gorgeous. They did something I've never seen before, but had a driving path through it, where people who couldn't walk could drive to some of the major exhibits. Normally I'd have thought this was bad, but in reality it gave access to the zoo to folk who might not be able to do so otherwise. Because of their heavy immigrant population, the signs were all done in English and Vietnamese. I saw there one animal I haven't seen before or since, a little red panda. They were so gorgeous and playful. If you haven't seen one, think red fox, but much cuter.

Since they did, at that time, have a good-sized Vietnamese population, we were able to stock up on our Asian supplies, and eat a good Vietnamese meal (I love bun!).

Somebunny 09-04-2011 01:00 AM

We are on holiday/vacation right now, so I will keep this thread in mind and record interesting things that we might encounter. If that fits in okay with the thread. We left our home in Washington state Friday evening and travelled to the home of friends about 5 hours away in British Columbia. We left their home this morning to begin our trip to the black hills of South Dakota. Today's interesting things were the headwaters of the mighty Columbia river, (I had seen them before) many people would be surprised that the Columbia starts at what looks like a swamp! It gains power all along it's way thru BC and Washington and is so powerful, wide and deep before it empties into the Pacific Ocean that huge ships can navigate up it all the way to Portland Oregon!
The other show of nature we saw today was in Alberta, the "Frank Slide" is a rock landslide that occurred in 1903 when a huge hunk of Turtle Mountain broke away, slid down the mountain side and buried the small mining town of Frank, killing more than 70 people, most abed, but some in the mines. The town, the railroad and the hiway were covered in tons of rock. Wow! The awesome power of nature. Tonight we are in Pincher Creek, Alberta, tomorrow......."Smashed in Head" Buffalo Jump. Just to keep a food vein going here, we had chicken wings, potato salad and fresh veggies for dinner, banana bread for dessert :-)

Bolas De Fraile 09-04-2011 01:50 AM

Many yrs ago when I was single and young I went to the Algarve with a load of friends to party, we had a great villa in pria de rocha. After three weeks of eating seafood we all wanted something different so I drove to Lagos with a new friend, she was a fragrant Aussie hippy chick who loved pies. She lead me to the oasis of pies Balls British pie shopee, the queue stretched down the road.
I bought a selection to take back, the snake and pigmy pies where outstanding.:smile:

Somebunny 09-05-2011 10:34 PM

This thread seems to have stalled.....hope I didn't hijack it.....sorry Claire!

Claire 09-06-2011 06:15 AM

Nah, it's just the time of year. It'll come back. It is all about unexpected pleasures. Since you're from that part of the world, one was driving along the coast in Oregon. My poor husband couldn't enjoy it, he was driving and towing, But the lovely views from the cliffs, and the green tide pools below us. Just gorgeous.

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