10 Questions for those who have a career in health

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Dec 10, 2009
Does anyone have a career in health? For my module in my health course, I have to ask 10 questions to someone who has a career in health. I have already posted this on 3 other websites, asked all my friends, and had these questions sent out to my friends friends, and no luck. I don't know what else to do, and I'm late handing in this module because I can't find anyone who has a career in health to answer these questions! I guess I have nothing to lose if I post them again here. Maybe someone here has a career in health, who knows.

1.) What is the job description for this line of work?
2.) What motivated you to take up this line of work?
3.) How does your line of work contribute to the health of others?
4.) Is there a demographic target for your particular job?
5.) What kind of schooling did you need to get into this line of work?
6.) How satisfied are you with your job?
7.) What are some of the most interesting tasks your line of work requires?
8.) What are some of the challenges that you have experienced with this line of work?
9.) Has your job changed you in any way?
10.) If you had the chance to change your job, would you? Why or why not?

If you can help me, you simply don't know how appreciative I would be.
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